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This is the interconnecting station between the mainline and Glasgow Subway systems.

The mainline services include those serving the lower levels of Glasgow Central and Queen Street stations, to destinations such as Helensburgh, Lanark etc. See our guides to Glasgow Central and Glasgow Queen Street stations for details of these services.


A rectangular concourse at pavement level gives access, via escalators, lift and stairs to the mainline and via escalators only to the Subway.

The ticket sales windows are on the north side of the concourse, the passage towards the mainline leaves west from the northwest corner, whilst the escalators to the Subway leave from the east. An L-shaped barrier, running west then south separates the main concourse from the Subway. This barrier now includes a set of gates opposite the escalators to/from each circle.

The mainline is served by two separate platforms, at a higher level, which run north/south through the station. Platform 1, eastbound towards Glasgow Central or Queen Street, lies east of platform 2, westbound towards Dalmuir, Helensburgh and Milngavie.

Each platform is served by a waiting area which is about in the middle of the platform. Each waiting area is divided into two sections, the north section serves the escalators, whilst the south serves the lift and stairs. There's a walkway between the two sections of each waiting area. A set of doors from each section gives access to/from the platform.

Two separate platforms, running east/west through the station, at the lower level serve the Subway, with the outer circle lying north of the inner.


There is escalator, lift and stairs access between the concourse and mainline platforms. We therefore believe this section of the station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

There is normally only escalator access between the concourse and Subway. This section of the station is inaccessible to wheelchairs and may only be accessible to Guide Dog users if arrangements can be made to stop escalators or to use the fire exit.

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