The Concourse

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This is a rectangular space with the entrance to the station on the north side and the route to all platforms to the south. The cafe bar and toilets are on the left-hand (east) side, whilst the travel centre is on the right (west).

A gate line has now been installed across the concourse, running west from a point just before (north of ) the gents toilets.

There is step-free access from the street into the concourse and from there to platforms 2 and 3. Other platforms must be reached via stairs or lifts via the new bridge, or via stairs or ramp via the main bridge.

Outside the Gates

South Side, Going West

  bi-directional wide aisle gate
3 bi-directional, ordinary automatic gates
wide gate for ScotRail, buggies etc.

West Side, Going North

  photo booth
trolley point
travel centre, automatic doors

North Side, Going East

  push bar emergency exit
automatic entrance/exit doors, with tactile matting inside
push bar emergency exit door

East Side, Going South

  Pumpkin Cafe Bar
2 billboards
WH Smith, jutting out
ladies toilets, including accessible toilet and baby change
2 vending machines
gents toilets, including accessible toilet and baby change
gate line

Within the Concourse

There are seats in the middle of this space, keep to either side.

Inside the Gates

The passage leads south from the concourse. Turn left towards platforms 1 - 2, right for platforms 3 - 7.

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