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This is a through station on the main line between Edinburgh and Inverness and on the line between Glasgow Queen Street, Dundee and Aberdeen. It is also the terminus for the line to Edinburgh via Fife.


The station is located just north of where the line to Dundee and Aberdeen branches off the mainline from Edinburgh to Inverness. In consequence the station is divided into three parts.

On the East side is platform 1 serving trains from Aberdeen to Glasgow. Although this platform is curving towards the east, for convenience, we'll refer to the north and south ends of this platform.

In the middle: platforms 2 and 3 share an island platform with platform 2, serving trains to Dundee and Aberdeen along the east side, the building including the concourse in the middle and platform 3 which is seldom used along the west. Note that platform 2 diverges from platform 3, such that the building widens towards the north.

On the west, platforms 4 - 7 share an island platform. Platform 4, along the east side of this island platform serves trains to Edinburgh or Glasgow Queen Street from Inverness, whilst platform 7, along the west, serves trains to Inverness. Platforms 5 - 6 are bay platforms in the south of this island platform such that platform 5, serving trains to Edinburgh via Fife, lies beside platform 4 and platform 6, which is seldom used, lies beside platform 7.

The central reservation between platforms 4 - 7 is divided into three sections.

To the south are platforms 5 - 6, in the middle is the building of which only the Lost Property Offfice is of public concern. The north car park occupies the northern section, with a siding along the west side of the car park, between it and platform 4. Note that the car park extends south, beside the west side of the building, to the middle of the three passages between platforms 4 and 7.

The main bridge, about in the middle of the platforms, joins these three sections of the station, offering stairs and ramp access. Note that the ramps are quite steep.

A second (north) bridge gives stairs-only access between platforms 3 and 4.

A new bridge, providing stairs and lift access between platforms has been installed near the south end of the station.

The main entrance gives level access into the concourse, you enter facing south. The passage between platforms 2 and 3, also leading to the main bridge, runs across the opposite (south) end of the concourse.

Note that this station is now gated. There are staff at the gate line in the concourse and a help point beside the gates from the north car park.


There is level access between the main entrance, the concourse and platforms 2 - 3. There is stairs and ramp access between platforms 2 - 3 and other platforms via the main bridge. There is stairs and lift access to all platforms via the new bridge. There is ramp access from the Glasgow Road entrance to the north car park, between platforms 4 and 7.

We therefore believe this station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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