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This bridge connects all platforms via ramp or stairs, though the ramps seemed quite steep.

The bridge is divided into three sections:

Each ramp and set of stairs is divided into two sections by a central rail.


The East Section

From platform 1, you go up nine then ten steps, going north, or up the ramp, going south. There's a departure screen at the east end of the bridge. Turn east, over the hump, from here, you can continue onto the middle section or turn right (north) down the ramp or left (south) down ten then ten steps onto platform 2.

The Middle section

Unlike the other two sections, this is level, rather than humped. As you continue (west) you reach the ramp (down north) or steps, (down ten then ten, going south) onto platform 3.

The West Section

Continuing west, over the hump, to the end. From here, you can turn left (south down the ramp) or right (down ten then ten steps, going north) onto platform 4.

Note that the ramp and stairs are on the opposite sides to the other three sets from this bridge.

From the foot of the steps you can turn left, through a short passage, for platforms 5 - 7.

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