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This is a separate platform along the east side of the station, which serves trains from Dundee and Aberdeen to Glasgow Queen Street. Although the platform curves from southwest to south along its length, we'll refer to north/south directions for convenience.

A new bridge has been installed near the south end of the station, providing lift and stairs access from the other platforms.

The platform can also be reached by either ramp or stairs from the main bridge, about in the middle of the platform.

There is tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

From the South
  slope off end
post, 6 car stop
lift 1 to new bridge, call button east of door
gap under new bridge
steps up south to new bridge
departure screen
lamp post
canopy starts, pillars along platform, nearer edge
waiting room, jutting out
steps up north to bridge
wall with blank doors and 2 benches
wall retreats across double ramp, up south
wall juts out
trolley point
2 planters
posts resume beside wall
slope off end

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