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Special Notice

We have, as yet, not been able to survey this important station. We have, however, received invaluable information from James Risdon, Paul Day, Dave Taylor and Richard West, See below.

Whilst we don't propose to create a full station guide out of this, we trust the following will be helpful and invite your comments. Many thanks (TR).

Peterborough station has been expanded. Here are the most important changes:

Platform Usage

Summary of Layout

The station is oriented north/south with platforms numbered from east to west.

Platform 1 is adjacent to the booking office and entrance hall. There are then three islands: Platforms 2 and 3, 4 and 5, 6 and 7.

There are two bridges, linking all platforms. The footbridge is about in the middle of the station, providing lift and stairs access to each platform. The other bridge, across the northern half of the station, provides ramp access to each platform. Although this bridge lies outside the covered part of the station, the bridge itself is covered. We understand that the ramp to platforms 4 - 5 brings you beside Coach D on a standard 225 set.

There is a new information desk on platforms 4 and 5 facing you as you descend the steps from the footbridge.

There is a covered waiting area on platforms 2 and 3 between the stairway from the footbridge at the south, to the bottom of the ramp to the overbridge at the north end.

When entering the station entrance, there is a gate line in front of you, with the entrance to the ticket office on the left (south). Once through the gates, there is an information desk on the far right hand end of the concourse and two doorways leading on to platform 1, the most easterly platform.

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