Platform 1, Southbound

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This is a separate platform along the east side of the station serving southbound trains towards Perth and beyond. There's tactile paving along the edge of the concrete platform. South of the 3 car stop, the platform extends along a wooden section with no tactile paving along the edge.

To Reach

There's step-free access from Station Road, either directly from the pavement or via the ticket office. There's also stairs access from platform 2 via the bridge.

As you leave the ticket office, going west, you pass, to your right (north):

Station Supervisor's office
customer information phone, box opens from right, phone inside
help point, on corner

From the North

  Slope off end
gravel area on left
lamp post, Platform 1, Pitlochry
post, CCTV
sculpture, outside fence
gap to Station Road, you turn left (east) there's a bollard in the middle of the path

South Side, Going East

  departure screen
phone box
pavement towards foot of ramp

Continuing South from the Exit

  4 pillars for bridge, in middle, post box on northeast one, you can walk under steps
building starts beyond phone box
blank door
foot of steps to bridge, on right
wall juts out
wall retreats
wall retreats to entrance from ticket office

There's a row of four pillars supporting the canopy, inline with the original wall, along the platform.

Continueing South from the Entrance

  bench, windows above
window to Pitlochry Station Book Shop
bench, train information above
door to book shop
wall juts out, door to waiting room and toilets on south side
platform slopes down to east
wall retreats beyond waiting room
blank door
recess, blank door on north side
wall juts back
building ends, gravel area resumes
bike lockers against fence
bike racks, in gravel
planters, in gravel
departure screen
lamp post
path to historic drinking fountain, not in use
gravel resumes
post, CCTV
gravel retreats to bench then resumes
lamp post, 3 car stop
platform narrows, tactile paving ends, wooden platform continues
lamp post
lamp post, 6 car stop
fence juts around signal post
lamp post
slope off end

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