Platform 2, Northbound

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This is a separate platform along the west side of the station serving northbound trains towards Inverness. There is tactile paving along the edge of the concrete section of the platform. The platform extends along a wooden section to the south which has no tactile paving.

To Reach

There is step-free access between the platform and Armoury Road. There is also stairs access from platform 1 via the bridge.

From Armoury Road

From the north end of the platform, there's a slope down north to the track from the east side and a path leading north from the west. Following the path, you go (north) down a slope, there's a mesh fence to each side. A rail juts out, beyond which are two disabled persons parking bays and a staff bay. Turn right (north) at the end of the rail onto the west side of Armoury Road.

From the North

  slope to path and track at end
wooden fence on right
gravel area on right
lamp post, 6 car stop
platform slopes down to west
lamp post
post, CCTV
lamp post, Platform 2, Pitlochry, 3 car stop
platform widens before rear of steps to bridge
4 pillars supporting steps in middle, can walk underneath these
foot of steps to bridge
The help point is to your right (west) of the foot of the steps from the bridge. The steps are in the middle of the platform.
wide platform continues
lamp post
fenced garden area
building starts

North side, Going West

  double blank door

Continuing South from the Start of the Building

  wall juts out
bench, windows above
door to waiting room, ramp slopes from all three sides
post, departure screen, CCTV in middle
lamp post, in middle
building ends, gravel resumes
planter in gravel
lamp post
post, CCTV
lamp post, Platform 2, Pitlochry
gravel and tactile paving end
up slope, onto wooden platform
lamp post
lamp post
fence retreats then juts back again
lamp post
slope off end

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