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The station is located below street level, running underneath Station Road which crosses the tracks, about in the middle of the platforms, running north before veering left (northwest).

Station Lane leaves Station Road, leading westt then southwest, towards the carp ark and ramped entrance to platform 1.

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrances/exits to this station:

The Stepped Entrance onto Platform 1

The entrance is located just beyond (northwest of) the point where Station Road veers left, having crossed the tracks. there's a metal rail before the gap leading to the stairs, then the wall of the building. Turn left (almost 180 degrees) round the end of the rail and go down 16 steps, going east to platform level then turn right (south). You pass the entrance to the ticket office on your right before you reach the platform, west of the middle.

Note that the turning right gives level access into the ticket office, via an open area. If you turn right on leaving the ticket office, you go down a small step onto the platform.

The Ramped Entrance onto Platform 1

Follow Station Lane, which veers left, the car park, with disabled persons bays, is to your right. Take the turning left (south) and continue down the ramp onto the platform. You're near the west end of the platform.

The Ramped Entrance onto Platform 2

Having followed Station Road over the tracks, take the turning right (west) and go down the ramp. there are barriers to reduce the speed of cyclists and skate boarders at the top of this ramp, move left then right. As you go down the slope, there's a hand rail on your left and a wire mesh fence on your right. At the bottom of the slope, there's a high wall in front of you with a CCTV camera and billboard.

Turn right (180 degrees, east), there's a hand rail on your left. Continue down the ramp, to platform level. There are barriers at the bottom of this ramp to reduce the speed of cyclists and skate boarders, move left then right around these barriers. Turn left onto the platform. You're near the west end of the platform.

Local Road Crossings

We found no pedestrian controlled crossings within the scope of this survey.

Tactile paving, just before Station Lane, indicates a pair of traffic islands in the middle of Station Road, note this is a busy road.

Tactile paving, beyond (northwest of) that mentioned above leads to Station Lane itself, this was a relatively quiet side street at the time of our survey.

Local Buses

On the Southwest side of Station Road

Bus Stop A, between the station entrance and Station Lane, serves:

On the East Side of Station Road

Stop B, outside the Bank of Scotland Building, serves:

Local Features

We understand the station building is part of a house on the southwest side of Station Road. Beyond (south) of the station, there's a Bank of Scotland building on the east side, with Bus Stop B being outside this building. There's a parade of shops on the west, details of which lie beyond the scope of this survey.

Southwest Side of Station Road, Going Northwest

  metal rail
gap to entrance
wall of building
Bus Stop A
post box
tactile paving indicates traffic islands in Station Road
tactile paving leads to Station Lane

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