Platform 1, EASTBOUND

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This is a separate platform along the north side of the station. The stepped exit, ticket office and ramp exit are west of the middle of the platform, whilst the bridge is east of the middle. There's an additional waiting room east of the bridge.

The platform slopes down, away from the tracks to a drainage channel which runs along most of the platform. Keep right of this to avoid most of the obstacles. Note that areas beyond (north of) this channel slope down towards the track, this may be a useful aid to navigating this platform.

There's tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

This platform can be reached via a ramp leading south from the car park, at the west end, steps from Station Road, or the bridge.

From Station Road, you can either follow the building leading southeast, or turn left round the rail leading northwest on the southwest side of Station Road. You go down 16 steps, going east, turn right (south) and continue onto the platform.

From the West

  metal gate and tactile at end
wooden fence between platform and car park
ramp entrance
platform widens
flower bed jutting out
seats on wall
seat with commemorative plaque for the Polmont rail disaster of 1984
flower bed jutting out
wall of ticket office with window and departure screen, bin below

Continuing East, along the Wall of the Ticket Office

  help point
windows of ticket office
gap, step up and turn left into ticket office
path leading north, level access to ticket office and stepped entrance
under Station Road
map of Falkirk
flower bed jutting out
seat on wall
post, Polmont sign, 2 car stop
flower bed jutting out
steps up east onto bridge

Note, you can walk underneath the steps, be careful!

Continuing East, Under Bridge

  pillars supporting steps and bridge, drainage channel runs south of these
CCTV post, in platform
drainage channel is now covered
waiting room, entrance leading north, seating rail on north side
flower bed jutting out
post, 3 car stop
flower bed jutting out
seat on wall
flower bed jutting out
post, 4 car stop
grass area behind kerb with bushes
post, 6 car stop post behind it
metal gate and tactile at end

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