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Although there is step-free access from each platform, some users may find the route from platform 2, westbound, a bit steep. See the Environs page for more details.

The main exit provides stairs access from platform 1, there's stairs access from platform 2 via the bridge.

The doors will open on your left as you face the front of the train. There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

From Which Platform?

  From Platform 1, Eastbound
From Platform 2, Westbound

From Platform 1, Eastbound

As you go from the front of longer trains, you pass the steps to the bridge before the right turn towards the main exit. Cross this recess then follow the right-hand wall for the ramp.

As you go from the rear of the train, you pass a series of posts and bike racks before you reach the rail beside the ramp on your left. Turn left (180 degrees) for the ramp. Continue forward for the main exit, following the left-hand side then take the turning left.

For the Main Exit

Continue to the wall, turn right then follow the passage, down the slight slope. Turn left at the end and go down five then four steps to Princes Street.


Via the Ramp

Continue forward then take the turning right and go down the first slope, there are two disabled persons parking bays to your left.

Turn left then follow the pavement left then right and continue down the slope. At the bottom, turn right (180 degrees), go down the slope then turn left into the side street and continue into Princes Street.


From Platform 2, Westbound

As you go from the front of longer trains, you pass a series of posts before you reach the paved area. We understand the front of shorter trains is here. Turn right then right again for the path towards Highholm Avenue, or move right then continue forward for the bridge.

As you go from the rear of longer trains, you pass a metal fence before you reach the back of the steps to the bridge, there's a building under these steps. Continue to the foot of the steps then turn left (180 degrees) for the bridge, or move left and continue forward for the path to Highholm Avenue.

Via the Main Exit

Go up two flights of steps, turn left then go up eight steps onto the bridge. Continue, down eight steps then turn left and go down two flights of steps to platform 1. Turn right then take the turning right, follow the passage down a slight slope then turn left and go down five then four steps into Princes Street.


To Highholm Avenue

There's a bollard in the middle of the path, continue between mesh fences, to the end of the path. There are two bollards at the end. Continue, following the left-hand side which curves left, up a steep slope, onto Highholm Avenue.

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