Platform 1, EASTBOUND

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This is a separate platform along the north side of the station serving eastbound trains towards Paisley and Glasgow Central. There is tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

This platform can be reached via either entrance from Princes Street, see the Environs page for details, or from platform 2 via the bridge.

From the West

  slope off end
two boxes
mesh fence on left
lamp post, outside fence
lamp post, outside fence
stanchion, outside fence
lamp post, inside fence
platform widens, drainage channel along platform
lamp post, inside fence
lamp post, outside fence
mesh fence ends, wall continues, bushes between wall and platform
post, CCTV, in middle
stanchion, in middle
fence resumes, features now inside fence unless stated otherwise
lamp post, platform 1, CCTV
3 bike racks
rail, east/west, across top of ramp
gap to ramp leads west, wall continues on north
blank door
canopy starts, supported by three pillars along middle of platform
first pillar on right
3 blank doors
help point
3 seats
second pillar on right
wall retreats

West Side, Going North

  rail information
ticket sales window with induction loop
pay phone

Continuing East from the Ticket Office

  3 seats
main entrance leads east

East Side, Going South

  main entrance passage
steps up east to bridge
third pillar

Continuing East Beyond the Steps

  stanchion beside steps
blank door, under steps
gravel area on left, beyond bridge
Features are in the gravel
lamp post, 3 car stop
lamp post, 5 car stop, 6 car stop
lamp post
lamp post
gravel off end of platform, before slope off end

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