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There are three cafes on this station:

Upper Crust

To Reach

Continue (south) from the foot of the ramp from the concourse till you reach the building in front of you. The door is towards the left-hand (platform 4) side, in the northeast corner of the building.

Alternatively, there are seating areas outside this cafe on platform 3 and 4, gaps through this seating lead to entrances, whilst a fourth entrance leads from the bar, to the south.


The counter is in the northwest corner, that is: to your right from the foot of the ramp from the concourse;
to your right (2 o'clock) from the entrance from platform 4;
to your left from the entrance from platform 3, or
straight ahead, from the entrance from the bar.

There's seating inside this space, plus that on each platform between glass barriers which jut out from the building.

Cafe Ritazza

To Reach

Turn left, then left again (north) from the foot of the ramp from the concourse.


The seating extends onto platform 4, beside the ramp, the counter is beyond (north of) this.


To Reach

Continue forward (south) from the foot of the steps from the bridge, the door is in front of you, in the middle of the building facing you.


There's seating to either side, as you enter, the counter is at the far (south) end.

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