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This is a major hub in the network, from which services include:

Note that the platform usage described above is not operated consistently, a new PA system has been installed which now gives clear announcements.

A Tensa queuing system has been introduced for ticket sales and there is now tactile paving along the edge of platforms 1 - 6.


The trakcs run approximately north/south, serving three island platforms, 1 - 2, 3 - 4 and 5 - 6, plus a single platform 7. These platforms are numbered from west to east. There are other platforms to the west of these which were not available to the public at the time of our survey. We are reliably informed that platform 7 is only used in emergencies and the steps from the bridge are sometimes closed.

There are two bay platforms, 3C and 4C at the south end of platforms 3 - 4, which are seldom used, though the occasional Ormskirk or Liverpool service will use these.

The platforms are joined by two subways, towards the middle and a bridge, divided into two sections, at the north. The south subway is served by lifts, whilst the north is for pedestrian access. There are ramps between the north subway and platforms 3 - 7, whilst there's stairs-only access between platforms 1 - 2 and this subway.

The bridge is divided into two sections, the easst bridge links platforms 3 - 7 to the side entrance, beside the vehicle drop-off point, whilst the west bridge links platforms 1 - 2 to the remainder.

The main entrance leads south into the rectangular concourse, through which you continue south onto the ramp to platforms 3 - 4. From here, you can turn right, over the west bridge, to platforms 1 - 2, or left, over the east bridge, to platforms 5 - 7.


There is lift and stairs access throughout this station and step-free access to platforms 3 - 7. We therefore believe this station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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