Platforms 1 and 2

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There are other platforms and buildings to the west of platform 1 which are not accessible to the public. The roof of platform 1 is not the same structure as for platform 2 which is part of the main station roof.

There's tactile paving along the edge of these platforms.

The platforms slope down towards a drainage channel which runs along the middle of the platform, till you reach the buildings.

There are yellow arrows painted on the platforms indicating the way to the lifts.

To Reach

You can reach these platforms via the west bridge, via steps from the north subway or via lift from the south subway.

Platforms 1 and 2, from the South

  slope off end
metal post with ladder
There's a row of pillars along the middle of the platform
station sign
pillar indicating platforms 1B and 2B
rail on platform 1 leading towards lift
stairwell to north subway
metal seats between pillars leading north
flower bed
billboard surrounded by seats
flower bed
trolley point on platform 2
information boards, departure screens
girder with platforms 1A and 2A
seats and pillar
defibrillator on platform 1
flower bed
vending machine
flower bed
customer service point, facing south along platform 2
blank door on platform 1
windows of cafe, both platforms

North Side of Cafe Building, Going East

  vending machine
entrance to cafe

The cafe is called Pumpkin, the counter is at the south end.

Continuing North

  double row of stanchions and pillars
steps from west bridge leading up north

Beyond the bridge is a fenced area followed by a private office and a double row of stanchions to the end of the platform. We don't believe customers are supposed to go north of the bridge.

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