Platforms 5 and 6

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There are no facilities of interest on this platform.

There are yellow arrows painted on the platforms indicating the way to the lifts. There is also tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

Note that platforms 5 and 6 are shorter an 1 to 4.

To Reach

From the East Bridge, go down 11 then 15 steps, going south onto the platform.

From the South

  row of 5 pillars leading north
2nd post has station sign
metal box in middle
gold zone posts each platform
roof starts
station sign

East (platform 6) Side


West (platform 5) Side


North Side

  trolleys, etc

Continuing North

back of ramp from north subway
railings each side of ramp
post, half way along railings saying blue zone
end of rail at top of ramp
row of stanchions, pillars and boards along middle
pay phone on each platform
pillars, flower beds and seats both platforms
metal box
flower beds
post saying purple zone, each platform
flower beds and seats in middle
departure screens
stanchion with defibrillator
stanchion before foot of steps from bridge

Beside the Steps on Platform 5


Beside the Steps on Platform 6

  departure screen
equipment under steps, not for public use

Continuing, Beyond the Steps

  under bridge
post each side saying orange zone
open platform with stanchions in middle
station signs and lamp posts
slope off end

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