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The station is on the west side of the A79, opposite Prestwick International Airport.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits:

The Path to/from the Bus Stops

You leave platform 2, southbound, through normally open gates, going east.

  down slope
path to right (south) signed Car Park 3
path to left (north) to bus stops, sign says “Do Not Cross the Road"
turn left (north)
down slope
fence to each side
fence on right ends at foot of slope
post on right
first bus stop with shelter
second bus stop with shelter

Local Road Crossings

There are no pedestrian crossings within the scope of this survey. People are specifically told not to cross the A79 other than via the raised walkway.

Local Buses

Each stop serves the following:

Local Features

The station is linked to the airport via the raised walkway, details of the airport lie beyond the scope of this survey, though we include details of lift access to the airport concourse and toilets from the walkway.

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PRESTWICK International AIRPORT Station

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