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This walkway bridges the tracks, going east/west, then continues into the airport. The walkway curves from east to south, between the lift to platform 2 and the escalators into the airport concourse.

The walkway then continues along the east side of the airport building, past toilets, towards the lift into the concourse.

Above the Station

South Side, Going East

  lift to platform 1,, northbound, call button on left
lip in floor
stairs to platform 1
stairs to platform 2
lip in floor
lift to platform 2, southbound, call button on right
lip in floor

North Side, Going East

  escalator to platform 1, down at the time of our survey
escalator from platform 2, up at the time of our survey

The walkway curves right (south with windows on each side, there are automatic doors at the end.

Beyond the Doors

North End

  doors to/from station

West Side

  departure screen

South Side, Going East

  up escalator from concourse
down escalator to concourse
walkway continues east

There are bollards before the top and bottom of each escalator.

East Side, Going South

  doors to stairs to trolley bay and other services
walkway leading east

Details of the concourse lie beyond the scope of this survey.

Turn left (east), continue to the wall then turn right (south). You pass blank doors on your left and the rail around the atrium of the concourse on your right.

Turn left again (east), pass a blank door, female then male accessible toilet, followed by a fire exit, on your left.

Turn right (south), pass blank doors on your left. There are steps down to the concourse on your right, followed by the lift, just before the end of this walkway.

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PRESTWICK International AIRPORT Station

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