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The station is on the north side of an extensive car park which occupies the northeast section of the junction between Station Road (north/south) and Station Drive (east).

Station Road continues north to the rail bridge from which Links Road continues north, past the ramp entrance to platform 1 then beyond the scope of this survey.

The car park is divided into a west and east section. The west section is accessed by an entrance road leading east from Station Road, whilst the east section is accessed by a road leading north from Station Drive. The left-hand pavements of each of these roads leads towards the station building.

From Station Road

Although you could take the turning left (north), this pavement seemed excessively cluttered with posts and other obstacles at the time of our survey. We suggest you continue forward (east) to the end of the pavement, in front of you then turn left (north) across the car park, towards the station building. Turn right for the main entrance.

From Station Drive

It seems easier to take the first turning left (north) from Station Drive and follow the pavement to the fence or building in front of you then turn left (west) towards the main entrance.

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrances/exits to this station:

Via the Ticket Office

There's a vehicle pick-up/drop-off point on the north side of the west section of the car park, outside the entrance. There's another pick-up/drop-off point on the pavement on the west side of the east section of the car park, continue (north) to the wall or fence then turn left. Tactile paving indcates the first access point, which is outside the entrance.

You go through push doors, going north. The sales window is near the far end of the right-hand side, continue (north) through pull doors, onto the platform .

From Station Road

As you go down (north) towards the rail bridge, take the turning right (east) then turn left (north) and go up 11 then 10 steps, going north, to platform level.

We suggest you now follow the left-hand side; you turn right, then left (through an open gate). Turn left, continue to the wall then turn right, left then right again and continue to the rail in front of you. Turn right then follow the rail till it turns left, across the end of platform 2. You're beyond the front of the train. Turn right and continue to the station building, after a few metres, on your right.

From Links road

As you go (north) under the rail bridge, take the first turning right and continue, up a steep ramp, to platform level. We think this ramp could be too steep for some users. At the top, turn right onto platform 1. We suggest you turn left here and continue to the building on your left, beyond the steps to the bridge. Note, these steps are in the middle of the platform and you can walk underneath them, be careful!

Local Road Crossings

We found no pedestrian controlled crossings within the scope of this survey. Station Road carried modest traffic at the time of our survey, whilst Station Drive appeared to be a quiet, residential street.

Local Buses

We found no bus stops within the scope of this survey.

Local Features

See the description of entrances and exits, above. There's a taxi rank in the east section of the car park. Turn left from the main exit and continue to the end of the pavement.

Outside the Station Building, Going East

  phone box
windows to cafe
station entrance
tactile paving indicates vehicle pick-up/drop-off point
blank door
building ends, down kerb, pavement leads south to Station Drive
fence beside platform 2, taxi rank to right

East Side of Station Road, Going North from Station Drive

  Station Drive
entrance to west section of car park
down slope
bin on right
wall increases
gap to steps up north towards platform 2
under bridge, railings on left
Links Road continues
ramp to platform 1 leads up east

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