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The station is located to the south of Bradley Way, which runs approximately east/west and to the east of Hall Road, which runs approximately north/south.

Entrances and Exits

The main entrance, which is to the eastbound platform, is reached via an approach road which leaves Bradley Way, just west of Rochford town. The westbound platform can be reached either via steps or the access ramp from Hall Road, just south of the railway bridge.

Road Crossings

There is a Zebra crossing, with dropped kerb and clear tactile paving, across Bradley Way, about 50 metres east of the station approach. Cross Bradley Way and turn right for the town.

To Reach the Station

Follow the right (west) side of the station approach. The wire fence with trees is followed by a wall, with billboards. The car park is to your left, there's a dropped kerb near the corner which is allocated to disabled persons parking. At the corner of the car park, you can turn left towards the concourse, or continue forwards to the eastbound platform 2. The steps onto the bridge to the westbound, platform 1 are immediately to your right as you reach the platform. This entrance is to be used whilst the station is unmanned.

Turn left at the corner and follow the wall on your right, past the phone boxes, which jut out into the pavement, to the door to the concourse. There's a ticket machine to your left of the door. The dropped kerb on the other side of the pavement marks the front of the taxi rank.

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