Platform 1, WESTBOUND

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General Information

There is tactile paving, closer to the edge than on platform 2, from the west end of the platform to the bridge. There are lamp posts and pillars along the middle of the platform

To Reach the Platform

From the entrance on Hall Road, follow the pavement, between fences, going east, over a small bridge. The steps to platform 1 are to your left. Go up 15 then 14 steps, going northeast, to the west end of the platform; this is the front of 12 and 8 coach trains.

To use the ramp, continue east, turn left (west) at the top of the slope and right again (east) at the top of the second. This, third slope brings you onto the platform at the foot of the stairs from the bridge. This is the front of 4 coach trains.

Features on Platform 1, Westbound, from the West End

  entrance from steps
pillar supporting bridge

steps come down from west, post with "way out" sign at foot of steps.
The top of the ramp is to the south of the stairs.

Covered area begins

seat, monitors for trains above
ladies and disabled persons toilet
blank door
window and seat
waiting room door
2 seats
box, on wall
gents toilet, in passage at end of building door on right
digital clock in ceiling at end of building
blank wall

End of Covered Area

The open platform with lamp posts etc. along the middle and one seat, continues east. 12 coach trains will occupy the whole platform.

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