Platform 2, EASTBOUND

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The platform is designed for 12 coach trains. The front of 8 and 12 coach trains stops at the east end of the platform. 4 coach trains stop entirely within the covered area.

The open platform has seats and billboards with a row of lamp posts along the middle.

There is tactile paving, under the covered area, some distance from the edge of the platform. A row of pillars runs along the middle of the covered area.

Features in the Covered Area, From the East

barred window
digital clock above middle of platform
blank door
barred window with seat in front
blank door
barred window with seat
entrance from concourse
help point
"I" shaped pillar just beyond this, away from wall
Permit to Travel machine
barred window
station staff door
gents toilet, with train information monitors above
2 blank doors
west entrance
steps going up West to bridge to platform 1, sign on left to London trains

The open platform continues with no important features.

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