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The station is some distance north of Rosyth town, off the east side of the A985, just south of the roundabout for the M9 Motorway.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits to this station:

To Platform 1

From road level, continue east to the top of the ramp (to your left, north) and the steps (to your right of these, south).

Via the Ramp

Continue (east) down the first slope, turn right (180 degrees, west) then continue down the second slope to platform level and move left onto the platform.

Via the Steps

You go down 15 then 15 steps, going east, to platform level. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps. Continue (east) along a path with wooden fence each side, then move right onto the west end of the platform.

Local Road Crossings

There's a pedestrian crossing of the A985, a few metres north of the rail bridge. This is a two-stage crossing with tactile paving and rotating cones. There's a post with push button to either side at each crossing. On the central island, turn left then right for the second half.

Local Buses

On the East Side of the A985

This stop, with shelter, serves buses to:

On the West Side of the A985

The stop, with shelter, is a few metres souht of the rail bridge, serving buses to: