Platform 2, WESTBOUND

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This is a separate platform along the south side of the station serving westbound trains towards Cowdenbeath.

There is tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

There are three entrances to this platform from the extensive car park along the south side of the station and steps directly from the south end of the road bridge.

There's a small car park, at a lower level, beside the west end of the platform. The access road to the main car park leads east from the A985, before veering left (north). Alternatively, you can go down two then two steps, going east, just south of a cycle shelter then turn left down the slope into the small car park.

There is step-free access to this platform from the small car park at the west end and via the ramp from the main car park. There is also steps access to the east end of the platform from this car park.

The West Entrance

The small car park includes two disabled persons bays on the north side, cycle racks to the west side and a cycle shelter in the southwest corner. From the northwest corner of this space, you go down a short slope, turn right (east) then left (north) onto the west end of the platform.

The Middle Entrance, Main Ramp

The access road from the small car park leads south, up a slope into the main car park which includes seven disabled persons bays along the north side. The main ramp, to the middle of the platform, leaves from here.

You go east, down the first slope, turn left (north) then left again (west). Continue, down the second slope before turning right (north) onto the platform.

Note that there are no resting places within this ramp.

The East Entrance

As you continue (east) beyond the top of the ramp, you pass cycle lockers on your left before you reach the turning left to the steps. You go down six, long landing, then ten steps, going north onto the east end of the platform. We noted no tactile paving at the top or bottom of these steps. Note also that the hand rail at the bottom of the steps wasn't properly terminated at the time of our survey, being a tube jutting out.

From the Road Bridge

You go down three times ten steps, going east, into the small car park. Take the turning left onto the platform, at the west end.

From the East

  slope off end
barrier across effective end, about 30 metres before the slope
platform about 2.5 metres wide, width gravel and wooden fence beyond
lamp post
east entrance, steps up south
lamp post
lamp post
gravel ends, platform now about 4 metres wide
lamp post
fence ends
lamp post
wall along south edge
entrance to ramp
lamp post
departure screen
shelter with no seating
lamp post
help point
lamp post
exit, slope up south
wooden fence resumes
slope off end

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