The TICKET Office

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This is a rectangular space lying east/west, with the doors to the steps and lift from the walkway on the east side, the ticket sales window is on the south and the automatic doors to the platforms are on the west.

To Reach

From the walkway, you can either use the lift or go down 20 then 21 steps, going west. There's tactile paving at the bottom, but none at the top of these steps.

You go through an automatic door going west, into the ticket office.


East Side, Going South

  door from steps
door to lift

You follow a passage, going east, with a blank door on the left-hand (north) side before you reach the door to the lift, in front of you. The call button is to your right (south) of the door, you go in facing east.

South Side, Going West

  blank wall
wall juts out with double blank door on west side
2 billboards, heater control above
blank door
sales window with variable height counter and induction loop
billboards, heater control above
train information
pay phone
heater control
wall retreats south to blank door

West Side, Going North

  automatic doors onto platforms
post, about a metre east of doors with push button
blank recess leading west

North Side, Going East

  2 x 4 seats, back-to-back, running north/south
4 seats, facing west
paper rack, departure screen above

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