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There is step-free access from Victoria Street onto the walkway, but stairs-only access from the Queen Street and Farmeloan Road entrances.

From the Entrances

From Victoria Street

Having crossed Victoria Street from either Green Road or Castle Street, turn right then turn left just beyond the Reuther Hall Community Centre, into the walkway. Continue, past the first turning left, which is to steps from Queen Street, then either take the next turning towards the lift or the second towards the steps to the ticket office.

From Queen Street

As you follow the right-hand side, away from the High Street, you cross the tracks towards Newton before the turning right for the steps. Take this turning, go down a flight of steps, turn right then go down another flight of steps, before turning left and going down three steps, to the path.

Continue, along this long path, to the steps at the end. You go up two flights of steps onto the walkway. Note that the bottom step seemed bigger than the rest at the time of our survey. Turn left at the top. The first turning left is to the lift, whilst the second is to the steps to the ticket office.

From Farmeloan Road

As you follow the left-hand side, away from the High Street, you cross the rail bridge before reaching the left turn towards the station. Turn left here, go down the hill, following the left-hand side, then go up the steps in front of you. You go up two flights of steps, turn left then go up another flight onto the walkway. The first turning right is to the steps, whilst the second is to the lift to the ticket office.

To the Ticket Office

Via the Steps

Go down two flights of steps, then through the automatic doors into the ticket office.

Via the Lift

The lift door is in front of you with the call button to your right of the door. Go down to platform level then leave via the other doors. Follow the passage, go through the automatic doors at the end then move to your right a couple of metres before continuing forward into the ticket office.

The sales window, with variable height counter and induction loop, is on your left after a few metres. We suggest you follow the left-hand side so as to avoid the seating to your right. Go through the automatic doors in front of you.

To the Platforms

Platform 1, northbound towards Glasgow is to your left. We believe you're just behind the rear of the train.

Platform 2, eastbound towards Motherwell is to your right. We believe you're just before the front of the train.

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