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The station is on the North Side of Pollokshaws Road which runs east-west, about 100 metres west of the entrance to Pollok Park. The station has a crescent entrance with an island between the two arms of this crescent.

Entrances and Exits

The station has a single entrance/exit onto the small crescent north of Pollokshaws Road.

Local Road Crossings

A metal fence, on the island, west of the bus stop, precedes the crossing of Pollokshaws Road. This is a two-stage crossing. There is no rotating cone, sounder or tactile paving at this crossing.

From either side of Pollokshaws Road, the first post with push button is to your right. Turn left on the central island and locate the post with push button, which will be to your left as you face across the second half of the road.

Local Buses

There's a bus stop on the island, serving services 3, 48, 303, 45, 57 and 47 towards the city centre.

The stop serving the westbound buses is on the south side of Pollokshaws Road, opposite the entrance to Pollok Park.

Local Features

The West Approach

The pavement is on the left (west) side. Follow the pavement northeast, up the slope, the wall on your left leads to the station building. The pavement slopes slightly down to your right outside the entrance, where there are railings at the outer edge of the pavement.

The East Approach

As you leave, turning left out of the entrance, you follow the station building which has blank doors, windows then a blank door, before the wall retreats to your left.

There's a post with a CCTV camera probably in line with you. Follow the wall left then right. As you go down the slope, the wall on your left retreats and juts back again. There's a down kerb at this point, for some reason. Continue to the end of the wall then turn left, up the kerb onto the north side of Pollokshaws Road.

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