Platform 2, WESTBOUND

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To Reach

Enter the station and take the turning left. Go up 9 steps, going west, turn right then up 4 steps, going south, turn right again and go up 9 steps going east to platform level. There's a wooden hand rail around the inside of the stairs which continues around the top of the stairwell.

At the top, you're in a short passage which leads to your left (north) onto the middle of the platform.

General Information

There's distinct tactile paving near the edge of this platform.

Platform 2, from the East End

  slope off end
fence with four lamp posts to station building
fence ends, platform widens at start of building
2 blank doors
shelter, entrance at each end
help Point, in line with the front of the shelter

The row of posts continues along the middle of the platform, in front of the building.

Continuing West, Beyond the Help Point

  blank door
3 seats
2 boxes
end of building, fence juts out and continues west along the platform
metal box
post with 2 and 3 car stop
post, 4 car stop
post, 6 car stop
slope off end

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