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The station is accessed via a bridge which runs south from Terregles Avenue, about 100 metres west of the junction with Kildrostan Street, to fotheringay Road, a few metres west of the junction with Darnley Road, running southwest.

The north end of the bridge is reached through the first gap in the metal railings to your left as you walk away from Kildrostan Street.

Road Crossings

There's a Pelican crossing of Darnley Road, just before (northeast) of the junction with Fotheringay Road. As you face across Darnley Road, the push button is to your right and an audio signal is given when safe to cross. There's no rotating cones on this crossing.

There's a sign on the south side of Terregles Avenue, just west of Kildrostan Street, indicating the station and giving train times. (At the time of writing, this is a half hourly service in each direction).

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