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The station is located on a bridge which joins the Danesgate Bus Station and shopping centre to the Kings Park Leisure Centre. In doing this, the bridge crosses Lytton Way (the A602) which runs north/south beside the station.

Entrances and Exits

The station has one exit onto the north side of the bridge.

This bridge can be reached via:

From the Danesgate Pedestrianised Area

Going west from the pedestrianised area, you cross a cycle way with bollards on each side. As you continue west, you're on a wide pavement from which the ramp, about two metres wide leaves from near the right-hand side; beside the car park. We recommend you use the ramp, as the steps are more difficult to find. Beyond the cycle way, follow a low wall to your right, past a bin then a sand bin. Having passed the sand bin, move about two metres left then continue west up the ramp. There's a post on each side of the foot of the ramp supporting a sign saying “To Trains”.

Note you can go to the left of the ramp, jutting south into the pavement is a low wall with cycle racks. You can go further south of this then west towards the steps.

Note also, it's possible to walk underneath the ramp from the west. There are numerous bollards in the pavement between the ramp and the car park. Beyond the end of the low wall on your right is a step down into the car park

If you followed the left-hand, south side of the pavement, you pass four exit double doors, each of which has a metal rail jutting out before and after it. This is the rear of the Bingo Hall. You continue between two raised flower beds, past a car park to your left. Continuing west, you pass a bed with trees on your left. At the end of this bed, turn left about 2 to 3 metres then turn right again west up the steps. If whilst continuing west, you find steps or a ramp down, move left (south). Note also that level pavement continues west to the left of the foot of the steps.

From the East Side of Lytton Way

You go up three flights of 12 steps, from the pavement onto the bridge, turn right (west) towards the station entrance.

From the West Side of Lytton Way

There are two sets of steps from this pavement onto the bridge. The south steps leave the main pavement, you go up two flights of steps (south) turn left (180 degrees) then up another flight onto the bridge, turn left towards the station.

The second (north) set of steps leaves from an island. These are more difficult to use, consisting of 12 pairs of steps separated by a slope, onto the bridge. Turn right towards the station.

The Island, which is separated from the main pavement by the taxi entrance road, contains the building housing these steps. The lift to the bridge is towards the south end of the Lytton Way (east) side of this building, whilst the taxi rank, with narrow pavement is to the west. Note there are two benches jutting out into this narrow pavement.

There's a bus stop on the Lytton Way side of the island, just north of the lift.

From the Kings Park Leisure Centre

You leave the leisure centre via a well-defined path leading east, with the car park to your left. This path leads between the steps (to your right, south) and the ramp (to your left, north).

If you use the ramp, continue (north) to the rail at the top, then turn right (180 degrees, moving round the rail in front of you) and continue (south) onto the bridge, turn left towards the station.

If you use the steps, go up a flight of steps going south, turn left (east), go up another flight before turning left again (north), up one step onto the bridge. Turn right towards the station.

Local Road Crossings

The bridge affords safe crossing of Lytton Way. No other road crossings lie within the scope of this survey.

Local Buses

On the east side of the island on the west side of Lytton Way, between the two sets of steps from the bridge, is a bus stop serving:

Local Features

The east end of the bridge is a few metres, (across a cycle way) west of the Danesgate Shopping Centre, the Danesgate Bus Station is south of this pedestrianised area.

As you move (west) towards the foot of the ramp to the bridge, the rear (fire exits) of the Bingo Hall are to your left.

The Kings Park Leisure Centre is a little way west of the west end of the bridge - to your right from the foot of the ramp, or left from the foot of the steps.

Details of these facilities lies beyond the scope of this survey.

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