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This page describes the public bridge, between the Danesgate Centre (east) and the Kings Park Leisure Centre (west), which runs past the station entrance.


The Steps to the East End

There's tactile paving before the foot of the steps, go up 6 then 8 steps, going west. These are wide steps divided by a centre rail. The rail is only on the steps themselves, not on the landings. Turn right, north, go up 7 then 7 steps, going north. There is no centre rail on these steps. The top of the ramp is about six metres to your right at the top of the steps.

Continuing West, on the Bridge to the Station

You go up a slight slope, under cover.

North Side

  blank wall with rail for some distance (finishing opposite the disabled persons entrance to the leisure centre)

South Side

  blank wall with large rail
entrance to leisure centre
top of slope
large rail
disabled persons entrance to leisure centre, with Braille notice, button above key pad to call for attention.
Large rail stops
3 fire exits
large rail resumes
gap then resumes again

The Bridge Over Lytton Way

You come out into the open air.

North Side

steps to the east pavement beside Lytton Way
steps to the west pavement beside Lytton Way

South Side

  south steps onto the west side of Lytton Way

The Steps to the East Side of Lytton Way

From the bridge, you go down north, 12, 12 then 12 steps. There is no centre rail on these steps.

The south steps to the West Side of Lytton Way

These steps are under cover, with tactile paving before the top. From the bridge, go down 13 steps, going south, turn right (180 degrees), down 11 then 12 steps going north. There's tactile paving at the foot of these steps.

The North Steps to the West Side of Lytton Way

From the bridge, you go down 12 very wide-spaced sets of two steps with a slope between them, going north. These are divided into two sections by a centre rail. The foot of these steps is on an island which contains the bus stop, lift and taxi rank.

A short passage leads north, past the lift on the west side, to the top of the steps.

The Bridge Through the Station

South Side

  blank wall
blank door
coffee bar
map of Stevenage
lift to platforms 1 and 2
book and coffee stall
lift to platforms 3 and 4
photo booth

West End

  doorway to open bridge

South Side

  station entrance

The Open Bridge, West of the Station

North Side


South Side

  steps down towards leisure centre, about two metres further than the ramp

West End

  rail before wall

The Ramp Towards the Leisure Centre

The ramp leads down north from the bridge. Having reached the foot of this slope, you can continue north onto a path beside the railway or turn left (west) to the rail in front of you then turn right then left (180 degrees) round the end of the rail. Note that metal gates can close this section. Continue (south) down the ramp onto the pavement, the foot of the steps is in front of you. Turn right (west) for the footpath to the leisure centre. This is a well defined path which leads straight to the entrance.

The Steps Towards the Leisure Centre

If you use the steps, you go down one step south, turn right (west) down a flight of steps then turn right again (north) down another flight of steps. The path to the leisure centre leads to your left (west). Note that metal gates at the top of these steps can be closed.

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