The Concourse

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This is an irregular shaped space with the entrance on the west side and platform 2 along the east. The travel centre is on the north side, whilst the Pumpkin Cafe Bar is to the south.

The gate line cuts across at an angle, about northeast/southwest. The concourse extends north, behind the travel centre including some features of interest and an alternative access to platform 2 which is normally locked.

Outside the Gates

  entrance, metal gates can close station

North Side, Going East

  travel centre, door has push button on low post to right
concourse retreats north

This side of the concourse curves from west through north.

West Side, Going North

  entrance to travel centre
map of area
Link cash machine
2 phones on stand
2 ticket machines
double blank door
blank door
accessible toilet
blank door
locked barrier, to platform 2, leading east

East Side, Going South

  locked barrier
waiting room juts out, entrance on platform 2
wall retreats
WH Smith, jutting out, entrance opposite station entrance
wall retreats before gate line

Southeast Side, Going Southwest

  2 automatic entrances
2 automatic exits
Wide Aisle Gate (bi-directional)
barrier to wall

South Side, Going West

entrance to Pumpkin Cafe Bar
station entrance, leading west

There are three departure screens above the entrance to WH Smith, with the station clock above these.

Inside the Gates

North Side, Going East

  outside of WH Smith, curving away left
steps to west bridge, up north
paper rack
slope down onto platform 2

South Side, Going East

  gap, staff use only
assistance box
British Transport Police, button to left of door
2 phones on stand
wall with billboards, curving right
slope down onto platform 2

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