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The station is located on the east side of Goosecroft Road (north/south), beside a roundabout from which Station Road runs west into the town.

The station forecourt is a bridge over the A9, Burghmuir Road which runs north/south at a lower level.

Shore Road runs east/west north of the station, crossing the platforms towards the north end. This joins Goosecroft Road to the unnamed street along the east side of the station.

Entrances and Exits

There's a single, permanent entrance/exit from the east side of the forecourt into the concourse. This gives step-free access to all platforms except 9 - 10. A temporary entrance, on the east side of the station, from an unnamed street, offers step-free access to platforms 9 - 10 plus stairs access to the rest of the station. A bridge, which was under construction at the time of our survey, will link the unnamed street to the station forecourt. This will offer stairs and lift access between that street and the station entrance, though the temporary entrance will then close, removing the step-free access to platforms 9 - 10.

Local Road Crossings

The junction of Station Road (west) and Goosecroft road (north/south) is at a roundabout which lies west of the station forecourt.

There are sounders, but no rotating cones at these crossings.

North Arm, Goosecroft Road

This is a single-stage crossing with the push button to your right as you cross in either direction.

West Arm, Station Road

This is a single-stage crossing with a push button to each side of you as you cross in either direction.

South Arm, Goosecroft Road

There's a crossing just south of the roundabout, though the sounder is some way south of this which suggests we didn't use a formal crossing. The real crossing would be some distance from the station. We therefore suggest you cross Goosecroft Road to the north of the roundabout.

Local Buses

There's a bus station off Goosecroft Road, some distance north of the roundabout, which lies beyond the scope of this survey.

Local Features

The Forecourt

This space is bounded by the station building to the east and Goosecroft Road to the west. The season ticket holders' car park is to the north and the temporary car park to the south.

The cafe, station entrance and travel centre jut west from the main building and there's a drop-off area (no parking) immediately outside the station entrance.

The taxi pick-up point is from an island opposite the station entrance.

North Side

  season ticket holders' car park, entrance/exit road leads north

East Side of Forecourt, Going South

  wall of station, with windows
wall and windows of travel centre
station entrance, with canopy supported by two pillars near edge of pavement
wall and windows of cafe
wall retreats
fence round stairwell, in middle of pavement, not for public use
slope down
disabled persons parking, entrance from west
temporary station car park, closed at the time of our survey

West Side, Going South

entrance road
island pavement with railings
gap to north crossing of Goosecroft Road
exit road
railings round temporary car park

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