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This is a through station on the lines between Glasgow Queen Street and Edinburgh towards Aberdeen, Alloa and Inverness.


You enter the concourse facing east. The travel centre is to your left (north) and the gate line is at an angle (northeast/southwest) in front of you.

There are nine platforms, running approximately north/south, numbered 2 - 10. We understand platform 1 has been lost in the new car park to the west of the station.

Platform 2, northbound towards Aberdeen and Inverness runs beside the concourse, platforms 3 - 8 occupy an island platform which can be reached via lift or steps from platform 2, whilst platforms 9 - 10 are an island platform along the east side of the station. This can be reached via steps from the bridge or via the temporary entrance, from a currently unnamed street, on the east side of the station.

The central island platform has platform 3, southbound towards Edinburgh and Glasgow Queen Street, along the west side and platform 6, which we understand is bi-directional, along the east. Platforms 4 - 5 are bay platforms in the north end of the island, with platform 4 lying east of platform 3 and platform 5 lying west of platform 6. These were under development at the time of our survey and we understand they're seldom used. Platforms 7 - 8 are bay platforms in the south of the island with platform 7 lying east of platform 3 and platform 8 lying west of platform 6.

Platform 9, along the west side of the east island serves southbound services from Alloa, whilst platform 10 is a bay platform on the east side of the station.

There's tactile paving along all platforms, except 7, 9 and 10.

The bridge, which joins all platforms, is in two sections. The west bridge, between platform 2 and 3 - 8 provides lift and stairs access, whilst the east bridge provides stairs-only access between platforms 3 - 8 and 9 - 10.

At the time of our survey, a bridge was under construction between the unnamed street on the east side of the station and the forecourt. When this is complete (April 2009?) the only entrance/exit to this station will be via the concourse. In the mean time, there's a temporary entrance, with ticket sales facilities, on the east side of the station. You go through the drivers' car park onto platform 9.

Note that, the closure of this temporary entrance will remove step-free access to platforms 9 - 10.


We believe this station is accessible to Guide Dog users. Platforms 2 - 8 are accessible to wheelchairs and, at present, there is step-free access to platforms 9 - 10 via the temporary entrance on the east side of the station. When this closes, there will be no step-free access to these platforms.

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