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The station is on the northwest side of a car park to which Station Road runs northwest from Arduthie Road (northeast/southwest). Arduthie Road veers right (northwest) some distance southwest of the station, passing under a rail bridge.

Dennis Roger Lane leads northeast from Arduthie Road, just northwest of the rail bridge then runs along the northwest side of the station, providing step-free access to platform 2, northbound.

Entrances and Exits

Technically, there are eight entrances/exits to this station:

The Main Entrance

There's level access from the pavement beside the car park into the ticket office, you go in through push doors facing northwest.

The Steps from the Car Park to Platform 1

Tactile paving runs northeast from outside the station entrance towards steps up northeast towards platform 1. You go up eight steps, going northeast with a hand rail to each side. Turn left Northwest), go up one step, going northwest to platform level. The station building is to your left, whilst the top of the ramp is to your right, before you reach the platform.

The Ramp from the Car Park to Platform 1

The ramp leaves pavement level going northeast, go up the first slope then turn left (northwest). Go up the second slope, turn left (southwest), go up the third slope then turn right (northwest) onto the platform. There's a hand rail to each side of this ramp.

The Steps from Dennis Roger Lane onto Platform 2

There are three sets of steps. Those nearest the southwest end of the platform we'll call the southwest steps, whilst the other two sets approach a common entrance to the platform. We'll call these the middle and northeast steps.

The Southwest Steps

You go up ten steps, going southeast. Turn left then go up nine steps, going northeast. Turn right (southeast) onto the platform near the southwest end.

The Middle Steps

You go up seven steps, going northeast then turn right (southeast onto the platform.

The Northeast Steps

You go up seven steps, going southwest then turn left (southeast) onto the platform.

Ramps from Dennis Roger Lane

There are two ramps, which we'll call the northeast and southwest ramps.

The Northeast Ramp

This leads southeast from the path onto the platform near the northeast end.

The Southwest Ramp

This leads southwest from the path, turn left (southeast) at the top, onto the platform, near the southwest end.

Local Road Crossings

Arduthie Road

There's a crossing just beyond (southeast of) the rail bridge. This crossing as sounder and tactile paving. The post with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you cross in either direction.

Local Buses

On the Southeast Side of Arduthie Road, Opposite the Station Hotel

bus stop, Stonehaven Station Hotel Car Park, serves:

On the Northwest Side of Arduthie Road

The bus stop is outside the Station Hotel, a few metres southwest of the junction with Station Road. This stop serves:

Local Features

The Car Park

There's a row of bollards along the edge of the pavement outside the station. The two disabled persons bays are to your left (northeast) of the station entrance. there's a gated area northeast of the car park which is not for public use.

Southeast Side, Going Southwest

  forecourt of a vehicle repair business
Station Road
Station Hotel
unnamed road leading northwest from Arduthie Road

Northwest Side, Going Southwest

  steps and ramp to platform 1
building starts
rail information
station information
entrance, taxi rank on left
window of ticket office
wall juts southeast with timetables on southwest side
phone box
steps up northwest to blank door
building ends, blank door in southwest side
car parking with bike lockers in middle
high wall with wooden fence along tracks
bike racks against wall

Station Road

Station Road, indicated as Station Car Park, leads southeast, past a short cul de sac leading northeast, into Arduthie Road. The Station Hotel is along the southwest side of Station Road, before you reach Arduthie Road.

There's tactile paving to each side of Station Road at the junction with Arduthie Road. A sign board indicates Market Square half a mile, Harbour via Bay Walk, 1 mile, Otter Isle three miles, Railway Station.

Dennis Roger Lane, Going Northeast from Arduthie Road

  up slope, railings each side
path levels out
steps up (southeast towards platform 2
ramp up southwest towards platform 2
2 disabled persons parking bays on left
steps up northeast towards platform 2
wall beside steps
steps up southwest to platform 2
ramp up southwest towards platform 2
bushes each side

The path continues northeast, beyond the scope of this survey.

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