Platform 2, Northbound

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This is a separate platform along the northwest side of the station serving northbound trains towards Aberdeen. There is tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

This platform can be reached via steps from the subway or ramps and steps from Dennis Roger Lane.

From the Subway

From the top of the steps, the door to the platform is on the left-hand (southeast) side, you can continue southwest into a waiting area with a seat on the southeast side and a ticket machine on the southwest.

You go through a pull door onto platform 2. This is a wider platform than platform 1.

Steps from Denis Roger Lane

There are three sets of steps. Those nearest the southwest end of the platform we'll call the southwest steps, whilst the other two sets approach a common entrance to the platform. We'll call these the middle and northeast steps.

The Southwest Steps

You go up ten steps, going southeast. Turn left then go up nine steps, going northeast. Turn right (southeast) onto the platform near the southwest end.

The Middle Steps

You go up seven steps, going northeast then turn right (southeast onto the platform.

The Northeast Steps

You go up seven steps, going southwest then turn left (southeast) onto the platform.

Ramps from Dennis Roger Lane

There are two ramps, which we'll call the northeast and southwest ramps.

The Northeast Ramp

This leads southeast from the path onto the platform near the northeast end.

The Southwest Ramp

This leads southwest from the path, turn left (southeast) at the top, onto the platform, near the southwest end.

From the Northeast

  slope off end
signal post
gravel area on right followed by path to ramp then fence
lamp post
path to northeast ramp
gravel now to fence
lamp post, 3, 6 car stop, VT 4/5 car stop
gravel ends
lamp post, Platform 2
wooden fence on right ends
path to middle and northeast steps
lamp post
main building starts
door from steps from subway
windows, shelter at top of steps from subway
post in middle, departure screen, help point to right
blue box with induction loop, lamp post to right
rail information
gravel starts, wooden fence beyond
lamp post, CCTV
shelter, seating rail on northwest side, single entrance
southwest ramp, down northeast
bench, in gravel
lamp post, Platform 2
bench in gravel
lamp post, in gravel
gravel ends
gap to southwest steps
gravel resumes
seat, in gravel
lamp post, in gravel
lamp post, in gravel
platform extends southwest. not for public use

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