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You can obtain assistance at the gate lines for all services. You can also arrange assistance at each of the three ticket offices. Note that all the ticket offices, the First Capital Connect and Eurostar gate lines are on Level 0, whilst the High Speed 1 and Midland Mainline platforms are at Level 1.

Getting Assistance


We're assured that all people with special needs will receive assistance from check-in to arrival. Whilst you could arrange assistance at the Eurostar ticket office, on the west side of the spinal passage, if you have your ticket, you may as well go to the check-in area on the north side of the central passage, see our description of the Eurostar restricted area for further details.

First Capital Connect

Unlike the other services within this station, the FCC information desk and ticket office are adjacent to the gate line. If you have your ticket, there's a manual gate at each end of the gate line, just inside the entrance from Midland Road into the north passage. As you come in via this entrance, the information desk is behind the second door on your left, whilst the ticket office is the first door beyond (east of) the gate line.

There are also help points throughout this section of the station.

Midland Mainline

You can arrange assistance at the UK General ticket office, which is the third door on your left beyond (east) of the FCC gate line. Alternatively, if you have your ticket, you can go to Level 1, via escalator, lift or stairs and seek assistance at the gate line to the Midland Mainline platforms.

High Speed 1

You can arrange assistance in the UK general ticket office. If you already have your ticket, you can make your way via lift, escalator or stairs to Level 1, outside the gate line for the High Speed 1 platforms. Note that these are in a separate area of Level 1, bounded by the Eurostar restricted area.

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