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This area is divided into five sections, from the south (moving away from the Underground exit):

Some of the doors we passed during our survey seem to be out of use.

Same Day Bookings

You enter the third door from the Underground exit (the first is a blank), facing west and enter the queuing system from the right-hand (north) end. You continue south, turn right then left again before you locate the desks to your right (west).

There are nine desks, numbered 1 to 9 from the south. Note that the entrance is in the north, whilst the exit is in the south of this space.

Advance Bookings

You enter via push double doors, facing west. There are several arches running north/south across this space.

The reception desk is in front of you, at the north end of the ticket office, you collect a number (1 to 10) from here, then turn left (south), go through a narrow gap into a passage, there are two pillars with leaflets in front of you and a bank of seats to your right (west) of these. You'll be called to your number (1 through 10) this is the desk to which you should go. The desks are along the west wall, numbered 1 to 10 from the south. There are two seats in front of each desk.

At the north end of this space is a computer with internet access, whilst at the south end are two pillars with leaflets then three pay phones.

You leave via the door via which you entered, opposite the reception desk.

Online Booking Ticket Collection

This is beyond (north of) the Advance Booking office. You can turn right opposite the reception desk or enter/leave via the next door from the concourse.

There are three ticket machines on the west wall.

Eurostar Information

You enter and leave via the same door from the concourse, the desk is in front of you.

Business Premier

This is the last (north) door into this area, you enter and leave via the same door from the concourse.

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