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This is the terminus for the Eurostar, High Speed 1, Midland Mainline and suburban services to Bedford. It is also a through station on the First Capital Connect (formerly Thameslink) route serving various destinations north and south of London.


Although the literature, which we have followed in our National Rail Map and Station Finder, includes the names "ST Pancras (International)" and "St Pancras (Domestic)", these are intertwined within the station so as to be meaningless in the context of this guide.

The street level (Level 0) Concourse is built around an F-shape of passages of which the spine (main passage) leads north from the Western Concourse of King's Cross Underground Station, the central passage leads east past the Eurostar check-in area to Pancras Road, whilst the north passage leads east/west between Midland Road and Pancras Road.

An extension leads north from near the east end of the north passage towards the stairs and escalators between the Underground and High Speed 1 platforms.

The Eurostar ticket offices (same day, advance booking, Business Premier and information) are on the west side of the main passage, between the Underground entrance and the exit to taxis, opposite the west end of the central passage. The ticket office for the First Capital Connect is towards the west end of the north passage, whilst the Uk General rail ticket office, serving the High Speed 1 and Midland Mainline services, lies east of this.

The Eurostar platforms (three islands, 6 to 10) are at Level 1 and are accessed via the Eurostar Restricted Area. The High Speed 1 platforms (11 - 13) lead north from a separate area (bounded by the Eurostar section, to the west) at Level 1. The HS1 platforms can only be reached via lift from the north passage or escalator and stairs from the extension off the north passage. The Midland Mainline platforms (1 to 4) lead north from the northwest corner of the Level 1 Concourse, whilst the First Capital Connect platforms (A and B) are separate platforms at level -2, accessed by escalators, stairs or lifts from the northwest corner of the Level 0 Concourse. Platform A, southbound lies east of platform B, northbound.

A bridge at Level -1 joins platforms A and B via escalators, lift and stairs.

The Level 0 Concourse contains most of the retail outlets, in the main and north passages including the extension around the escalators and stairs to the High Speed 1 platforms.

There are also some retail outlets in the Level 1 concourse and the Eurostar restricted area.

The Level 1 Concourse is a large, rectangular area of which much of the east half is occupied by the Eurostar platforms. A barrier separates the Eurostar restricted area from the west section of this concourse. The High Speed 1 platforms leave from a small area to the east of the Eurostar platforms.

The western section of this concourse has retail outlets on the south and west sides. There are three rectangular atria from Level 0. The northern atrium has the top of the north escalators to the north and the north lift on the south. The central atrium has the top of the south escalators on the north and the top of the stairs in the south. The south lift is on the south side of the south atrium.

The north set of escalators brings you towards the Midland Mainline platforms, from the northwest corner of this concourse, whilst the south escalators bring you beside (west of) the Champagne Bar.

This concourse contains several features of interest:

Please note that extensive building work was in progress at the time of our survey and, whilst all train services were operational, some details of the public space may change.


There is escalator, lift and stairs access throughout this station, we therefore believe it is accessible to wheelchair and Guide Dog users.

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