The HIGH SPEED 1 Platforms 11 TO 13

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These platforms are located to the east of the Eurostar secure area. Platforms 11 - 12 are an island platform lying west of platform 13 which runs along the east side of the station.

There is tactile paving along the edge of these platforms.

To Reach

This is a separate section of the station at Level 1, being bounded by the Eurostar area to the west. The platforms can be reached from the extension, at Level 0 from the north passage, via stairs, escalator or lift.

Via Escalator or Stairs

There are two sets of escalators from Level 0, one to each side of the north set of escalators to Level -1, the Underground station.

From Level 0, go up either set of escalators from the extension to Level 1. If you use the left-hand (east) set of escalators, the right-hand escalator is normally the one you need, Whilst if you use the right-hand (west) set, the left-hand escalator was in use at the time of our survey. The right-hand (west) set of escalators has stairs beside the left-hand (east) escalator. You go up ten, ten, ten and nine steps, going south to Level 1. There's tactile flooring at the top and bottom of these stairs.

From the right-hand escalators, turn left then left again to face the gate line, whilst from the left-hand set, turn right then right.

Via the Lift

The lift is in the northeast entrance, in front of you if you go in via the three steps, or to your right if you go in via the ramp. From elsewhere in the station at Level 0, go to the east end of the north passage and find the lift on your left.

Go to Level 1 and leave via the other doors, the gate line is in front of you.

Outside the Gates

South Side, Going West

  east escalators, you arrive facing south
lift from Levels -1 and 0, you arrive facing north
west escalators, stairs on east, you arrive facing south

West Side

  barrier between here and Eurostar

North Side, Going East

This is the gate line, we believe the directions of these gates may vary according to demand.

  Wide Aisle Gate (bi-directional, staff assisted)
2 auto exits
2 auto entrances
4 auto exits
Wide Aisle Gate (exit)
4 auto exits
Wide Aisle Gate (entrance)

East Side


The Platforms

There are no features of interest on these platforms.

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