The Level 0 Concourse

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This concourse is formed around a main passage, running north from the Western Concourse of the Underground station. Two passages run east/west, one, which we'll call the north passage, runs between Pancras and Midland roads, across the north end of the main passage. There's an entrance/exit to the station at each end of this passage. We'll call that from Midland Road the northwest entrance, whilst that from Pancras Road will be called the northeast entrance. This passage accesses the booking offices for the FCC, MML and HS1, plus the gate line for the FCC section of the station. A bay-like extension inside the northeast entrance leads to stairs/escalators and the lift to the Northern Concourse of the Underground Station, plus escalators to the HS1 section of the station at Level 1. Note that the lift also serves this level.

The second passage, which we'll call the central passage, leads west from Pancras Road, past the Eurostar check-in/gate line, before joining the main passage. The entrance from Pancras Road will be called the east central entrance, whilst that through the door opposite the end of this passage, will be called the west central entrance. This latter now leads to the taxi rank.

The main passage passes the Eurostar booking office on the west, the exit from the Eurostar services on the east and a wide range of retail outlets.

Stairs, escalators and lifts, within the main passage join the Level 0 and 1 concourses.

The Eurostar ticket office is on the west side of the main passage, whilst that for First Capital Connect (formerly Thameslink), High Speed 1 and Midland Mainline are on the north side of the north passage.

The gates for Eurostar are on the north side of the central passage, whilst those for the First Capital Connect services are on the north side of the north passage, just inside the northwest entrance.

Most of the retail outlets are in the Level 0 concourse, outside the gates, though there are limited retail opportunities within the restricted area for Eurostar services. The Champagne Bar and some retail outlets are in the Level 1 concourse.

There are many pillars within this space. A row along each side of the main passage, with others along the middle, between the facilities (escalators etc.). The outer rows of pillars could be seen as dividing the space into units - some outlets have one unit (pillar each side and one in the middle of the frontage) whilst others have multiple units. It seems unreasonable that anyone would actually count these from either end of this long passage, so, as usual, we'll just list the outlets in order.

There's also a row of pillars along the middle of the north and central passages.

The North Passage

East End, The Northeast Entrance, from Pancras Road

There are two entrances, one (north) is reached via a curved ramp, you enter facing west, whilst the other entrance is reached via three steps going north.

To your right (north) as you enter via the ramp, just inside the entrance is a lift with the call buttons (up and down) to your right (east) of the door. There's tactile matting outside the lift. This lift serves Level -1 of the Northern Concourse of the Underground Station and Level 1, outside the gates for the HS1 section, platforms 11 - 13.

East End of North Passage, Going South

  north (ramped) entrance
escalators to Level -1, tactile matting at top

The left-hand of these escalators is normally the one you need.

South Side, Going West

  south (stepped) entrance
blank wall
4 pay phones, the first and last have internet access
Sourced Market, variety of delecatessen stalls and cafe
main passage leading south, with three pillars across end
blank wall of retail units
Northwest exit, onto Midland Road

North Side of North Passage, Going East

  entrance towards ticket machines
entrance for information
2 entrances to gate line for FCC
FCC ticket office, single entrance
exit from UK rail ticket office
entrance to UK rail ticket office
west passage into extension
central island
east passage to extension
lift to Levels -1 and 1
northeast entrance leading east

The Extension

This is an irregular "bay" out of the north side of the north passage, inside the entrance from Pancras Road. We'll consider this space in two sections.

The East section contains two pairs of escalators, going up south, to the HS1 area. The west set of escalators has steps on the east side. Between these two pairs of escalators is another pair going down south to Level -1, the Northern Concourse of the Underground station.

Of the escalators to Level 1, the right-hand escalator is normally the one you need from the left-hand (east) set, whilst the left-hand escalator of the right-hand (west) set was being used at the time of our survey.

Of the escalators to Level -1, the left-hand escalator is normally the one you need.

The west section includes an irregular shaped island of retail outlets.

Around the Extension, Going Anti-Clockwise from the Lift

emergency exit, tactile flooring inside
emergency exit, beside foot of east pair of escalators, tactile flooring inside
M&S, jutting in
M&S turns right (northwest) with two entrances
WH Smith, two entrances
La Senza, ladies clothes
Boots, two entrances
wall veers right (north)
Boots, two entrances
Baggage store, go in facing north, counter in front of you
passage to toilets and car park leads west
turn left(south) across the passage to toilets and car park
now on northwest side
Monsoon, ladies clothes, large entrance
wall veers left (south)
Pret A Manger
Fine Burger Company
4 ticket machines
now in north passage, just east of UK General ticket office

The Passage to Toilets and Car Park

This begins leading west, towards the toilets, then turns right (north) towards the car park.

North Side, Going West

  British Transport Police
cross passage leading north towards car park
up three steps
ladies toilets

South Side, Going West

  photo booth
4 cash machines, not working at the time of our survey
accessible toilet
up three steps
gents toilets

The Passage to the Car Park

This passage leads north towards the Euro Despatch depot and car park, beyond the scope of this survey.

As you move (south) away from the car park, you pass Station Reception then a series of offices on the right-hand (west) side before you reach the passage to the toilets on your right.

The Retail Island

South Side


West Side, Going North

  Paul, cafe with chairs and tables
Sushi bar, an irregular shaped unit, continues around the pointed north end

East Side

  blank wall, west pair of escalators to east

The Main Passage

There's a row of pillars along each side of this passage, with the units set back from this. The stairs, lifts and escalators to the Level 1 concourse are along the middle of this passage, see below.

East Side, Going South

  Benugo Cafe, two doors
Chop'd, one door in middle
exit door, keep clear
Fossil, one door
no entry door
Oliver Bonas
Neuhaus, chocolate and sweet shop
Neals Yard Remedies
Rituals, beauty shop
central passage, to Eurostar check-in, six pillars across
M&S Simply Food, entrance beyond first pillar
2 doors, Eurostar exit
hotel booking office, pillar each side, counter in front
currency exchange, counter in front
blank door
WH Smith, counter on right
Paperchase, entrance after pillar between units,
Body Shop
blank door
entrance to Underground station

South End

  four arches through to King's Cross Underground Station

You go (south) through two sets of arches into the Western Concourse at Level 0. There's a blank door to each side between these sets of arches.

West Side, Going North

  blank door
2 exits from Eurostar ticket office
glass wall juts out
first pillar
entrance to Eurostar ticket office
second pillar
second entrance
third pillar
exit from Eurostar ticket office
fourth pillar
exit from eurostar ticket office
fifth pillar
entrance to Eurostar ticket office
sixth pillar
entrance to information desk
seventh pillar
eurostar Business Premier ticket office
eighth pillar
exit from Business Premier ticket office
passage to toilets
Costa Coffee, tables outside
emergency exit
Le Pain Quotidien, large restaurant
west central exit, to taxis, two archways
Pink, men's clothes
L K Bennett, ladies clothes
Fat Face, clothes
Foyles Books
Isle of Flowers, set back, flower display between entrances
Wilton & Noble, souvenir shop
Peyton & Byrne, Cafe
Des Vins, large restaurant
2 blank doors
2 pillars

Along the Middle, Going South

  escalators towards Midland Mainline, going up north, use left-hand of two
pillar with information
lift, call button on right (up only)

Inside the lift, control buttons on both sides, 1, 0 then open and close doors (left and right), alarm below and at floor level. At Level 0, you can enter from either side, you can only get out at Level 1 facing south.

Continuing South

  more escalators, use left-hand, going up north

passing central passage, to Eurostar check-in
large notice board
steps, up 4 x 9 steps going south, to Level 1, arrivals board east of these
railings behind rear of steps
lift, as above, enter from north at lower level, from south at upper
newspaper stand
entrance to Underground station

The Passage to Toilets

This leaves the main passage, leading west between the Eurostar ticket office and Costa Coffee.

Left-Hand (South) Side, Going West

  2 pillars
gents toilets

West End

  blank wall

Right-Hand (North) Side

  ladies toilets

The Central Passage

This passage is signed Eurostar International Services. There are five pillars across the west end of this passage, followed by a row of four pillars across the passage to the east of these. There are further pillars along the middle of this passage, we suggest you keep to one side.

North Side, Going East

  Rituals, staff-only access beyond first pillar
Eurostar Assistance, narrow entrance into small space
Eurostar Check-in

There are eight gates divided into pairs separated by a manual check-in desk. We're assured that the manual desk at each end of the gate line is staffed. Those within the gate line seemed to be unused at the time of our survey. See the Eurostar Page for more details.

Continuing East

  Business Premier Check-in, enter the room, the desk is in front of you
Business Premier E-Ticket machine

East End

  entrance/exit to Pancras Road - four sets of doors

South Side, Going West

  five pillars
trolley point
bureau de change, four windows
blank door
two pillars
temporary door
6 e-ticket machines
group welcome point
M&S Simply Food

The West Central Exit to Taxis

You go through the door, going west, up a slight slope, then take the turning right (north). there are luggage trolleys in the left-hand (southwest) corner. Continue (north) between a Tensa barrier and the wall, then turn left at the end through the exit doors onto Midland Road. The taxi queue leads right from here, under an orning, towards the pick-up point.

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