The Level 1 Concourse

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This is a very large, rectangular space with the restricted area of the Eurostar section occupying most of the east side. The four platforms for the Midland Mainline services leave from the northwest corner. A separate section at this level serves the High Speed 1 platforms 11 to 13, note that this section can only be reached from the northeast entrance at Level 0.


West Side, Going South

  blank door
AMT Coffee, two entrances
West Cornwall Pasty Co.
Camden Food Co., two entrances, chairs and tables outside
2 blank doors
WH Smith
north lift on left
5 blank doors
The St Pancras Grand Restaurant, seats and tables outside
10 blank doors
East Midlands first class lounge
opposite south escalator

The Champagne Bar is east of this escalator. There are seats beside platform 5 or along a bench on the west side of the bar. Note there is no direct access to the Eurostar platforms from this area.

Continuing South, Beyond the East Midlands First Class Lounge

  The Booking Office Bar, chairs and tables outside
gap to stairs on left

The stairs go down north, there are railings around the stairwell and tactile flooring at the top of the steps.

South of the stairs is an open area with a statue of Sir John Betjeman, a departure screen and an atrium to the shopping mall, followed by the south lift. To reach this lift, follow the rail round the atrium to the south then east and locate the gap to the lift on your left.

East of this lift, the rail continues, to be followed by the barrier between the concourse and the Eurostar restricted area.

East Side

  Baby Betjeman Pub

South side, Going West

  steps from Pancras Road
steps from Western Cconcourse of Underground station
Lovers statue, about 10 o'clock from the top of these steps as you enter
Carluccio's, restaurant with barrier round chairs and tables
chairs and tables for The Booking Office Bar

Along the Middle, Going South

  area between north escalators and platforms 1 - 4
north escalators to/from Level 0 Concourse
rail around escalator well
North lift in south side of rail
passage towards Champagne Bar
south escalators to/from Level 0 Concourse
rail around north atrium
stairs to/from Level 0 Concourse in south side of rail
open area between atria
south lift in south side of rail around south atrium
open area to south end of concourse

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