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We found three sets of toilets within the station, though there were still extensive building works in progress at the time of our survey.


Near the South End of the main Passage

There's a passage leading west, between the Eurostar Business Premier ticket office and Costa Coffee. As you move away from the concourse, turn left for the gents, right for the ladies.

From the Extemsion from the North Passage of the Level 0 Concourse

This passage leads left from the end of the extension as you move away from the northeast entrance. You pass the cash machines before the accessible toilet on your left. You then go up three steps. The gents toilets are to your left, whilst the ladies toilets are on your right, beyond the turning towards the car park.

In the Eurostar Restricted Area

There's a passage leading north from this area between the Undercroft Restaurant and WH Smith. As you move away from the seating area, the accessible then gents toilets are to your left, whilst the baby changing room then ladies toilets are to your right.

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