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The station is located to the east of Teddington Town. Between Park Road (to the south) and Station Road (north) which run parallel to the line.

To Reach the Station

Adelaide Road leaves Park Road, going north and seamlessly becomes Victoria Road which curves to the right, (east) as you reach the station entrances. Victoria Road continues curving right (south) to re-join Park Road.

There is another unmanned entrance from Station Road onto platform 2. We understand that Station Road is readily accessed from Teddington High Street, though the details of this lie beyond the scope of our current survey. We noticed a number of bins and a paper recycling bin just before the entrance. On reaching this entrance, you may turn right (south) onto platform 2 or right again (west) for the foot bridge to platform 1. As you move towards platform 2, you pass a Permit to Travel (rarely used) and a ticket machine on your left, opposite the foot of the stairs.


There is step free access to each platform from street level.

There is no taxi rank at this station.

Local Buses

There are buses in both directions along Park Road. The bus stop for the 465 to Hampton Wick is about 50 metres west of the turning into Adelaide Road, there is also a bus stop towards Teddington town opposite this.

On leaving the bus towards Hampton Wick, continue to the first turning left (Adelaide Road). Having turned into Adelaide Road, cross two entries to flats, before the road swings right, Victoria Road. There's an open area to your left and a post box before the unmanned entrance onto platform 1. There is a ticket machine and two phone boxes beyond, (east of) the entrance. You can go through this onto platform 1, or turn left (west) for the foot bridge to platform 2. Continue along Victoria Road to locate the swing doors to the main entrance, including the ticket office.

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