Platform 1, Northbound

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This is a separate platform along the west side of the station, serving trains towards Kilwinning, Paisley and Glasgow.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

There is level access directly from the west approach road or via the ticket office. You leave the ticket office via a push door onto the platform.

All features are along the left-hand (west) edge of the platform unless otherwise stated.

From the South

  slope off end
mesh fence on left
post, CCTV on platform
stanchion, outside fence
post, CCTV
post, CCTV, in middle
building with windows and double blank door, not for public use
double gated path to west car park
main building starts
blank door
pay phone on wall, departure screen on post, about a metre from wall
Station Supervisor's office
pull doors into ticket office, clock above

From here, the seats and planters are further from the wall.

Continuing North, from the Entrance from the Ticket Office

door to shop
ladies and accessible toilet plus baby change, borrow key from staff
gents toilets, along short passage leading west
blank door
building ends

Norrth Side

  help point

continuing North, Beyond the End of the Building

  path to west car park
steps up north to bridge, note you can walk under these
2 x 2 pillars for bridge

You can also get between the steps and the fence, not to be recommended, the open gate from the car park blocks this route.

Continuing North, from the Bridge

  post, 3 and 6 car stop, in middle
post, CCTV
drivers' monitor, in middle
stanchion, beyond fence
effective end of platform

Note that the platform was being extended at the time of our survey.

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