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The gate line runs across the north end of the main bridge.

Just inside the gates is an area, bounded by

The Area Inside the Gate Line, Going Clockwise

West Side

  blank door

Note, the glass barrier from the gate line juts south into this area leaving a narrow gap between it and the west wall.

North Side

  gate line

East Side

  glass barrier runs south from the gate line

South Side

  passage to bridge
blank wall, south of the fifth automatic and manual gate

The Passage, over the Bridge

The passage is divided in two by a floor to ceiling barrier. The left (east) side is the way in. A metal gate can shut the bridge off at the north end.

East Side

  blank wall
metal gate, normally open
steps, down east, to platforms 1 - 3, gap in barrier opposite
steps, down east, to platforms 4 and 5, barrier ends here.

There's a rail round a departure screen at the south end of the barrier. Below the screen, on the end of the barrier, is a minicab free phone. It's easier to reach this from beside the barrier rather than reaching over the end of the rail.

The passage continues south, up a slope, to the south entrance.

West Side, Going North, Towards the Exit

  blank door
permit to travel machine
blank wall
"Way out" sign, opposite the steps from platforms 1 - 3
3 billboards on west side of central barrier toward north end.

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