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The station is located on the east side of London Road, which runs approximately north/south, between the junctions with Whitton Road, to the north and Arragon Road to the south. There are two exits onto London Road, the north (main) entrance, to the booking hall and the south entrance (for ticket holders only or when the station is unmanned).

The Main Entrance

The main entrance has two sets of double doors which lead onto a paved forecourt with a C-shaped seating area (arms pointing south) in the middle. The forecourt is bounded by London Road to the west, the car park entrance to the north, the station building to the east and a wall leading to London Road to the south.

Local Buses

Bus stop C; buses towards Fulwell, or Teddington, nos. 267, 281 and 681 (for school journeys) is on the edge of the pavement, virtualy opposite the station entrance.

Road Crossings

There's a Pelican crossing over London Road, with push button and rotating cone to either side, about 50 metres north of the bus stop.

Having crossed the paved area, to London Road, turn right, (towards Whitton Road). You'd cross the car park entrance, before you reached the main pavement.

Alternatively, you could follow the left-hand wall from the entrance. You go up a slope before turning left, over the railway bridge (towards Arragon Road).


There is a minicab free phone and three pay phones to your right (north) of the main entrance. As you leave the right hand doors, turn right and pass a seat; the cab phone was above a litter bin at the time of our survey. The pay phones are in a recess in the right hand wall, beyond this.

The South entrance

The south entrance leads from London Road, south of the railway bridge, down a slope, into the station.

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