Platform 1 - 3

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How to reach the Platforms

To platforms 1 - 3, go down 20 then 6 steps going east to platform level. There is a double centre rail down these stairs. You continue east for about 25 metres to reach the platforms.

Platforms 1 and 2 are not normally used; if you follow the left hand side, you'll locate a fence on your left then a gate across the west end of platform 2. Note that platform 3 is exactly in line with the end of the walkway from the foot of the stairs. There is some, indistinct, tactile paving near the edge of the platform.

Platform 3, from the West

  pillar, with wire fence continuing along the north side of the platform
pillar to right
metal rail juts out around departures screen
pillar with a help point, to right
waiting room, closed at the time of our survey, door facing west

Continuing in line with the right hand pillars, along the building

baby changing room, contact staff
ladies toilet
blank door
billboards, including timetable
passage to platform 2

As you enter this passage, there's a mirror on each side near the platform 3 (south) end. The west wall has a blank door, gents toilet? (closed at the time of our survey) and another blank door.

Continuing along platform 3, Beyond the Passage

building ends
rail round departures screen
gap to platform 2
stairs going up east to the east bridge
wall of staircase, note it's possible to get underneath this!
pillar under bridge
fence along platform 2 ends here
open island platform with posts, seats and station signs to slope at end.

Note, you can walk along platform 2 to the gate. It is also possible to walk across, beyond the west end of the track, onto platform 1. The gates to the car park, at this point, are normally closed.

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