Platform 4 - 5

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How to Reach the Platforms

For platforms 4 and 5, the two flights of stairs from the main bridge are divided by rails into three sections. A double rail runs between the northern and middle section, a single rail divides the middle from the southern section. You go down 20 then 6 steps, going east to platform level, then continue about 25 metres to the island platform.

There is distinct tactile paving on each of these platforms, about 60 cm from the edge.

Platforms 4 and 5, from the West

Features on Your Left as You Go onto the Island Platform.

  rail round departures screen
another departures screen, with rail round

Features in the Middle of the Island, Unless Stated Otherwise

  vending machine
billboard with timetable
step onto concrete platform
coin and card phone, facing east
rail round a pillar on each platform
digital clock, noisy in ceiling, above platform 4
back to back seats
coffee bar, door facing west

Following the Building on Platform 4

  windows of coffee bar
passage through to platform 5

The west wall of this passage has a blank door, entrance to gents toilet and blank door.

Continuing beyond the Passage

blank door
passenger assistance office
end of building
departures screen, in middle of island with rail round
seats across end of building, partially blocked by the rail
stairs to east bridge, going up east
wall for stairs, note you can get underneath these!
open island with seats, station signs and posts to a slope off the end.

Platform 5, from the West

Platform 5 is similar to platform 4

Continuing East Along the Building on Platform 5

blank door
passage to platform 4
wall with billboards

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