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The station building is located about 200 metres west of the point where Main Street (north/south) crosses the tracks.

Station Road leads west, south of the tracks, to the ticket office and entrance to platform 1. There's an extensive car park, which we'll call the south car park, along the south side of this road.

An unnamed road leads west from Main Street, north of the tracks, past an entrance to platform 2. A path continues west to join Old Glasgow Road (north/south) some distance west of the station. There's an extensive car park along the north side of this road which we'll call the north car park.

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrance/exits to this station, all of which provide step-free access to the platform:

The Main Entrance, Via the Ticket Office onto Platform 1

As you go into the ticket office, the sales window, with variable height counter and induction loop is to your left. Continue, through automatic doors onto platform 1.

The Path from Station Road onto Platform 1

East Side, Going North

  ticket machine, with canopy supported by a post to each side

West Side, Going North

  ScotRail information board

There's an open area lying west of this including a vehicle pick-up/drop-off point and three disabled persons' parking bays.

From the North Car Park onto Platform 2.

There is a broad entrance, with eight bollards between the north car park and the platform, just east of the steps to the bridge. We noted 11 disabled persons parking bays just west of this entrance.

Local Road Crossings

The Junction of Main Street (North/South) and Station Road (West)

This is a K-junction with Main Street north/south, Station Road west and another road, we think Station Lane, southwest. There is no formal crossing of Station Road or Station Lane.

South Arm, Main Street

This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving and sounder. There's a post with push button, but no rotating cone, to each side as you cross to the east. Note that the left-hand post is shorter than the right.

When crossing west, the post with push button but no rotating cone, is to your right only.

Local Buses

On the West Side of Main Street

Bus Stop 6150275, is near the south end of the bridge over the tracks. This stop has a shelter and seating though there was no information about services at the time of our survey.

On the East Side of Main Street

Bus Stop no. 6150274, Uddingston Main Street, with shelter but no seat, serves:

Note that there's a post, function unknown, just north of the actual bus stop post.

Local Features

The North Side of Station Road, Going East

  path to platform 1
building starts
station entrance
steep slope up in pavement
blank door
railings now in front of building
building ends, mesh fence now on left
up the hill
car park on right finishes before reaching Main Street

The West Side of Main Street, Going North from Station Road

  wall of bridge
bus stop 6150275
wall ends
post box
mesh fence
road, with central island, towards north car park and platform 2

East Side of Main Street, Going South from the Crossing

hotel car park entrance
bus stop 6150274

The Path to Old Glasgow Road

Leaving platform 2, going north then turn left (west). There's a vehicle pick-up/drop-off point just outside this entrance.

We pass a mesh fence on the left and a series of 11 bollards, each of which marks a disabled persons' parking bay, to the right.

The car park continues beyond the bollards, beyond which the path continues west, down the hill.

There's a metal rail across the end of the path, as you reach the pavement on the east side of Old Glasgow Road. We're at a roundabout junction with Kyle Park Drive leading west. There is no formal crossing of these roads.

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